Crawling for Good Eating at Houston’s 2022 Crawfish Festival!

Ready to add a bit of zest to your lives, Houston residents?  

A tasty feast waits for you at Houston’s 2022 Crawfish Festival! Taking place on Saturday, June 11th, this amazing festival will close out the 2022 crawfish season complete with vendors, live music, and—of course—the most delicious crawfish you could ever imagine! 

Food is always a major motivator for guests and this event is no exception. You can bet your lucky stars that you’ll have your fill of all the best dining digs when you stop by! Heads & Tails, Toque Event Space, SOPO (Sushi on Post Oak), Ducky McSchwenny’s and Bovine & Barley have partnered together to donate a percentage of total ticket sales to Children at Risk. There will be plenty of room for families and lone visitors no matter how you arrive, with a sense of summer spirit that you’re not going to want to miss out on! 

Summer is the best season for outdoor cooking, and this event makes sure that its guests understand that! Houston is one of the best places to live when it comes to exploring good food and good company. All of its apartments have something great to offer, some of my personal favorites include Lakeside Forest, Establishment, Eden Pointe, Barcelona, and Villa Nueva Apartments. All of them feature pet-friendly accommodation and welcoming services you’re sure to love. Either way, they’re all amazing places to call home and really give you the full Houston experience. 

Houston’s 2022 Crawfish Festival is worth the visit this weekend and I’d definitely recommend dropping by for some great food, drinks, and festivities. Make it your big priority and get ready to boil up a bit of magic with friends and loved ones! Visit their main website here at 

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Jun 6