Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Everyone’s favorite holiday is here, and this year, it’s time for you to bring some new and exciting things to that turkey day table! From cornbread stuffing to fried mac and cheese balls, there’s plenty of room to add an extra kick of flavor to tradition this holiday season.

The holiday has always been marked by gathering together to share a meal and share a bond that is unparalleled in normal evening dinners. This connection is fostered by the presence of uniquely grandiose foods and no shame in piling your plate sky high with a medley of otherwise insane culinary combinations. In any other circumstance, it would be extremely strange to stack a turkey leg on sweet cranberries and mashed potatoes with a glob of mac and cheese coming along for the ride but this Thursday, all semblance of edible etiquette flies out the back window.  

Even though this is the standard of Thanksgiving, many home chefs are daunted by the task of straying away from the norms of the holiday’s staple food preparations. In 2022 however, we aren’t as afraid to take risks and venture into the unknown. Now I’m not saying you should start Dorito encrusting your turkey or anything (trust me), but there are plenty of detailed recipes scattered around YouTube and TikTok that will have your extended family thinking that you have the chops of a culinary genius this year.  

For example, YouTube sensation Binging with Babish (Andrew Rea) has thrown his hat into the ring for the most outlandish and somehow most mouthwatering dishes in the Thanksgiving canon and his channel is a must-visit in the kitchen this season. On the other side of the field, sites like the New York Times and Food and Wine Magazine are mainstays of the food journalism world, and their yearly Thanksgiving articles and recipes are nothing to be scoffed at.  

Wherever you end up finding that insane new recipe to try out, or if you decide to create an entirely new concoction this year, make sure to keep in mind the spirit of the holiday. As cheesy as it sounds, a dish made with love truly does taste worlds better than anything else you will find. Even if the recipe goes sideways*, the effort you made will warm the hearts of the people around you, and that’s the real reward for all of this culinary ingenuity. So, branch out, take the leap, and rock the very foundation of Thanksgiving dinner this year. And wherever that leaves you, know that you took your first step to becoming the resident gourmet guru of your family.  

Babish Culinary Universe YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@babishculinaryuniverse 

*Editor's Note: Please try to make a sample batch before turkey day. From personal experience, I know you’ll thank me later.

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Nov 21