Summer Fun at Your Apartment!

It’s July! That means the days are hotter than ever and time spent indoors is all the more valuable to your health and comfort! 

Since hot weather typically means you’ll be inside a lot more often, it’s sometimes difficult to determine just how to spend your weekend when you feel there’s nothing to do around town! Your apartment acts as your home, as well as a gateway to entertainment during the best (and worst) of times! Time spent becoming acquainted with all the odds and ends of your living space is essential for really experiencing the full joys that apartment living has to offer! 

This summer, it’s important to stay cool and keep hydrated. Make sure that your unit is always well equipped with a proper AC unit and keep track of your electrical usage if you’re living in areas with higher-than-average temperatures. And especially remember to contact your resident leasing staff in the event that something happens where you’re not getting enough cooling! 

Additionally, remember that summer is a party season! That means that more and more residents and neighbors are gearing up for onsite parties with their friends and family! Remember to follow and adhere to proper courtesy when it comes to respecting boundaries and always make sure that volume is kept at a minimum so that no one else around you is disturbed.  

On a brighter note, it also means that it’s pool season! Take advantage of your fabulous apartment amenities and make a splash to cool off after a hot day! There might even be the opportunity for organized pool parties if you reach out to staff! It never hurts to make the effort! 

Above all, summer is a time of good wishes and good cheer. Spread it around with your fellow residents and always make sure you’re well prepared for uncomfortable or potentially hazardous weather. Stay alert and always remember to have fun! Summer is only around once a year and taking advantage of the spirit of the season is essential for making each year a great one!  



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Jul 14